Companies belonging to the Shelf companies category were founded only in order to be sold subsequently. The price of a shelf company is CZK 15 900

SHELF COMPANY Prague Czech republic
A company of this kind has had no business activity so far, but it is already registered in the company register. Therefore the company already has its own identification number and it is also registered in the trade register. Hundred percent guarantee of non-indebtedness is secured by a zero economic and accounting history. One of the main advantages of shelf companies is time and investment expenses saving. A new owner can use a shelf company immediately after its purchase.

The structure of our Prague Shelf companies:

Shelf companies intended for sale have an office at Vinohrady in Prague registered in the commercial register, have a sole partner and sole company secretary. All the shelf companies which we offer have a paid capital stock of 200 000 CZK and have no accounting and economic activity. They are recorded in the trade register as free trade companies.

Prague Shelf company On-line order instructions:

  • Choose a shelf companies from our offer and carry out an online demand.
  • After that we would call you and arrange a personal meeting.
  • You would receive an order blank by email, you would fill it and send it back.
  • On the basis of received entries we would draw up documents necessary for sale.
  • The payment for a shelf company and selected services is carried out in cash on the day of sale together with the handover of documents.
  • An application to amend the commercial register record would be submitted the same day.
  • Within five working days the new owner would obtain a notification that the required changes have been placed upon the record in the commercial register.

The definition of Shelf companies intended for sale:

  • The lowest price of a shelf company on the market.
  • The company is registered in the commercial and the trade register.
  • The company has a paid capital stock of 200 000 CZK.
  • The company office: Varsavská 715/36, Prague 2, Kralovske Vinohrady.
  • A possibility of changing the company office in Prague without charge.
  • The new owner gets an authorization to pursue free trades.
  • The company doesn’t have any obligations or financial claims.
  • The company is registered for the income tax.
  • Commercial account Classic at UniCredit Bank for two years free of charge.

The final price is 15 900* CZK for share transfer.
* The price is final. In case of share transfer VAT is not charged.


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